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Confirmed Speakers

  • Shirin FarajiShirin Faraji
    Excited-state Dynamics of Red Fluorescent Protein
  • celiaFonsecaCelia Fonseca Guerra
    Hydrogen Bonding from a Kohn-Sham Molecular Orbital Perspective
  • elena formosoElena Formoso
    A computational approach to the structural toxicity of aluminum with biomolecules
  • frenkingGernot Frenking
    Dative bonding in main-group compounds and transition metal complexes - a walk across the periodic table"
  • rosarioGonzalRosario Gonzalez Ferez
    Ultralong-range Polyatomic Rydberg Molecules
  • jeremyJeremy Harvey
    Empirical Valence Bond Methods for Probing Dynamics in the Condensed Phase
  • elfiKrakaElfi Kraka
    A direct measure of metal ligand bonding - the Metal Ligand Electronic Parameter
  • alexander kuleffAlexander Kuleff
    Ultrafast electron dynamics as a route to explore chemical processes
  • laageDamian Laage
    On enzyme-catalyzed hydride transfer reactions
  • Josep Maria LluchJM llunch
    On the Mechanism of Oxygenation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Catalyzed by Cyclooxygenase-2 and its Aspirin-Acetylated Form
  • mario pirisMario Piris
    Global method for electron correlation based on the NOF theory
  • karsten reuterKarsten Reuter
    New avenues in first-principles computational energy research
  • ursulaUrsula Rothlisberger
    Next Generation First-Principles Molecular Dynamics in Ground and Excited States
  • eliseoRuizEliseo Ruiz
  • mariona sodupeMariona Sodupe
    Mineral induced chemical prebiotic processes. Insights from computational approaches.
  • marcel swartMarcel Swart
    Characterization and prediction of short-lived transition-metal species
  • ivano tavenelliIvano Tavernelli
    Mixed quantum-classical dynamics for the description of photo-physical processes
  • walter thielWalter Thiel
    Recent advances in semiempirical quantum chemistry
  • atoro smallAlejandro Toro-Labbe
    Discussion on Theoretical Models for Activation and Reaction Energies in Chemical Reactions
  • donaldDonald Truhlar
    Advances in density functional theory and photochemistry
  • morganVacherMorgane Vacher
    How nuclear motion affects coherent electron dynamics in molecules
  • oriol vendrellOriol Vendrell
    Coherent dynamics in cavity femtochemistry: application of the multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree method.

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